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Welcome to Uniform Design

Chooi Couture places great emphasis on the quality of products
it manufactures to achieve total customer satisfactions.

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The Company was set up in November 2004 as a partnership under the name of Chooi Couture Enterprise. Chooi Couture is principally involved in making of customized bridal gowns, uniforms, and also operating as a photo studio house.

Chooi Couture commenced its business with initial capital of RM140,000 and was increased to RM400,000 subsequently for working capital, upgrading and expansion purposes.

Since its registration and commencement of business, Chooi Couture has aggressively promoted and expanded its business by providing high quality products and services. The special attractive designs and skills in the making of its customized products have gained much appraisal and appreciation from customers and the public. Chooi Couture has successfully secured purchase orders from all races locally and overseas. With full commitment, effort and perfect blend of expertise from the management team, Chooi Couture has every reason to be confident of its bright prospects.

We want our uniforms to reflect and enhance important aspects of your business-both in brand values and image. From design concepts to distribution, Chooi Couture's vision is to provide the businesses we work with a distinctive and compatible identity that's also comfortable to wear.

Our aim is to continue your brand image in the uniforms that your employees wear. Think of us as your business partner-someone to help you communicate your brand through every stitch we make.

Chooi Couture places great emphasis on the quality of products it manufactures to achieve total customer satisfactions. The quality of Chooi Couture's products lies in it's creative design and excellent cutting skills and sewing as well as good quality control policy implemented. To achieve this, except for the tight and systematic internal quality control procedures, Chooi Couture also stresses on the good relationship with the material suppliers through the philosophy of "growing together with the suppliers" to ensure quality of materials bought are all good and of quality.

Continuous training and upgrading of knowledge to the employees are also one of the measures taken to ensure quality objective is obtained. Various quality control measures are carried out by Chooi Couture in the pre-production, on-line and post-production stages. At the pre-production stage, fashion design and inspections on raw materials are being carried out to ensure they are in accordance with the standards required by customers.

SJKC Chong Kuang

SJKC Chong Kuang

Graduation gowns.

Globalnet Education Consultants
Globalnet Education Consultants Cloth Color

Globalnet Education Consultants

Blue was the obvious color choice when it came to designing uniforms for Globalnet. We chose a pale blue hue to outline the shirt's body, sleeve and shoulder borders to accentuate the lines and cut of the shirt, hence giving the wearer a polished & structured look. This is also made in a classic shirt design with a breast pocket.

Golden Sands Resort
Golden Sands Resort Cloth Color

Golden Sands Resort

We designed this uniform keeping in mind the overall guest experience that Golden Sands is known for. This housekeeping uniform comes with lime green borders and clean silhouettes for a polished and crisp look. We've also added the ever useful apron with pockets so employees have a practical and stylish uniform to wear to work.

PDC Properties

PDC Properties

We designed a line of corporate uniforms for PDC, mirroring their corporate colors of purple and grey. The uniforms feature button down grey coats and collared purple shirts which is both comfortable & stylish.

Nasi Kandar Pelita
Golden Sands Resort Cloth Color

Nasi Kandar Pelita

The main stylistic element added to this uniform would be the oil lamp symbol synonymous with Nasi Kandar Pelita. Yellow borders against a royal blue background provide an eye catching design so you'd be able to spot your Pelita waiter from a mile away.

Rapid Penang
Rapid Penang Cloth Color

Rapid Penang

Both the drivers and the buses have become a tangible identity to Penang's transportation system. The corporate colors of red, blue & white are relayed unto the uniforms that comes in the classic shirt design we've tailored for Rapid Penang. The bold sleeves with buttoned down collared body gives the drivers a sharp and sophisticated image.

Makbul Nasi Kandar
Makbul Nasi Kandar Cloth Color

Makbul Nasi Kandar

Being customers at nasi kandar joints, we know how hard it is sometimes to get the attention of the waiters. That's why when we've been given a task to design uniforms for nasi kandar operators, we make them bold, bright and eye catching. Like the ones for Makbul Nasi Kandar with blue, yellow and red designs and matching headgear.

Winnie Land - Tadika Epal Kristal
Winnie Land - Tadika Epal Kristal Cloth Color

Winnie Land - Tadika Epal Kristal

We added the fun factor for the kids' uniforms through a classic t-shirt design in sunshine yellow. Easy to put on so its fuss free for parents, and comfortable to be in so it's easy breezy movement for the children.

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